Watch this baby’s reaction to his mom and dad’s performance of this duet!

How many people that have turned famous overnight do you know? I have seen plenty of them throughout the years. Back when YouTube started, people saw it as a platform for them to upload funny birthday videos. People started using it heavily, and soon enough, there was a wealth of information available and not only entertainment.

People started uploading ‘how to’ videos. I remember watching a lot of carpentry videos. I had taken a carpentry workshop at school and became very interested in all the things that one can manufacture. One of the first projects that I learned how to make was a simple desk. At the time, I had stopped using desktop computers altogether.

The future as far as I was concerned were laptops. They are still the ones I use today. So, a simple desk was the only thing that I needed. I watched the video a couple of times until I had pretty much memorized the entire process. I tried my hand at it and became hooked. My project had been a success, and soon enough, I was back in my garage working on the next thing to make.

After a few years, YouTube went back to its original roots of being an entertainment source for the most part. People started uploading more and more funny videos. When prank videos started to get more popular, there was a huge explosion of them. One popular prank that people did was intended to deter robberies in the area. It turns out that many people, were getting their bicycles stolen and these pranks helped the theft go down.

Many other people started uploading singing videos. Some of them did it because they were amateurs, and saw YouTube as a platform to make their work known, especially because at the time, it was the only way for them to do it without having to pay. Some of these videos featured artists who were trying to get a record deal, while others were just people like you and me who happened to like singing.

One of the latter was this couple. They started making waves on the Internet not so long ago. Their names are Yoni and Nina Tokayer. They have reached millions of people with their music and gotten quite a fan base as a result. They mainly sing acapella and combine their harmonies in a very special way. The following video also features a special appearance by their baby. Watch the cute reaction their baby has when they start singing.