Watch This Bird Laugh Evilly As He Sneaks Into Dad’s Bedroom!

This video is endearing but a bit creepy. As a pet owner I’m sure you have run across odd behavior, from our furry pal but this parrot sneaking into his human’s bedroom takes the cake.

.A lot of cat owners knows the unshakeable and somewhat intrusive fate of never going to the bathroom unaccompanied. The video below features a little parrot acting endearingly creepy! This man was resting in his bedroom, when he heard his door creak open, followed by the pitter patter that little creatures leave in their wake. Shortly after that he noticed his pet parrot sneaking in, little feet first and creepy laugh next! This little guy feels very proud of the mischief managed, his laugh sounds like a maniacal super-villain whose plan is going perfectly well and is preparing to give his victory speech!

Birds make great pets and are highly intelligent, parrots are able to pick up some phrases with just one listen and if treated right enjoy a longevity that gives them points over other species! And who knows maybe your parrot will like you enough to stealth his way into your room!

I was laughing at this little guy’s gloating laughter, it is definitely endearing! Please share his particular laugh with your friends!

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