Watch This Blind Cat Mentoring Two Blind Kittens

We really love rescue stories, especially when there’s an animal, like a cat, helping other animals, like other cats. Those stories are indeed very special and are made even more special when one or both of the animals has a disability. It’s not only people who need to use service animals. One example is the blind cat in this clip who has his very own seeing eye cat. Seeing cats helping each other just warms our hearts.

And here we have another heart-warming story for you! Everyone, meet Honey Bee. She is an amazing blind cat from Fiji! In the video below, you will see Honey Bee mentoring two blind kittens on how to get around and survive while being a blind cat. She guides and helps the kittens by giving them advice on being blind. She gives them one very important piece of advice and that is to never listen when someone tells them they can’t do something, and I think they understand! Watch the cute and heart-warming video below to see their progress, and know that they do get adopted in the end. While Honey Bee will definitely miss them, she seems happy for them that they found a good forever home like she did.

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