Watch This Brave Little Kitty Walk For The First Time

Animals born with a disability can be an unending source of inspiration for all of us. Somehow they are able to confront their difficult fate while being absolutely content with their life. This little kitten is a perfect example of resilience. He managed to overcome an overwhelming obstacle with the help of those that love him and he can really be an inspiration to us all!

Meet Cassidy, an adorable little kitten. However, he wasn’t born like all the other kittens. When Cassidy was born in the forest, he lost both of his rear legs. He was left stranded and alone in the forest for nine weeks, fending for himself somehow, until rescue showed up. It is a miracle that he survived that long on his own before he was found.

Cassidy was barely hanging on to life, severely starved and his legs badly infected. It is not clear how he lost his two back legs. It was a miracle altogether that he was still alive. The shelter took him in, healed and nurtured him, and when it was all said and done, put some fancy new wheels on Cassidy. Watch him take his first steps in this endearing video that will inspire you!

Watching him start walking very slowly and then picking up the speed and almost running is inspiring. It reminds us to never give up.

Please watch and share Cassidy’s amazing story with all of your friends and family, and maybe we can all take a page from this courageous little animal’s book!

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