Watch Budgie The Bird Who Thinks He Is A Cat

Does your cat love to hunt birds? I think there is something about a bird’s size and the sounds it makes that attracts cats to the challenge of catching them, but the three cats in this clip, one in particular, have no interest in the family’s bird. In this family, the roles are reversed and it is the bird who is infatuated with one of the cats named Lexi.

Just recently, we featured a video of a baby owl and a curious cat becoming best of friends. It just proves that some cats are friendly with birds and they can get along just fine. But have you seen a bird who’s obsessed with a cat? The bird in this video loves this cat so much, that he follows Lexi around the house and if the family wants the bird to come back downstairs, all they have to do it bring Lexi downstairs and the bird will follow.

Everyone, meet Budgie the bird! Budgie seems to think that he’s a cat. He keeps on stalking a black and white cat named Lexi. His owners say that Budgie is in love with Lexi. Everywhere Lexi goes, Budgie follows. There’s even one point in the video where you’ll see Budgie playing with Lexi’s tail, but poor Lexi is tired and takes no interest.

It’s a bird in love! I think they’d make an adorable pair! But this love looks a little one-sided. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! We’d love to hear from you!

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