Watch How This Cat Reacted When His Dad Gave Him A Flower. Hilarious!

Let’s admit it, cats are just too weird sometimes. Even the most fervent cat lovers know that there are times when their behavior is just totally baffling. Every cat has their own distinct personality and set of traits, and that means that all of them hold a certain amount of quirks and perks. It’s adorable, at least most of the time, and sometimes it can be hilarious as well!

The cat in the following video has a quirk of his own, and he lets it show when his owner tries to give him a flower. His human was also singing, and though any cat would find this irritating, this particular feline one was being patient towards his human. But the flower was too much, and when he put it on his head, he had no idea how to react. He just froze in place instantly, and it’s something that’s equally weird and hilarious.

I knew that cats could be strange sometimes, but his one kitty takes it to a whole new level! He’s just so furry and adorable.

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