Watch How This Cat Reacts When His Human Gives Him A Flower

Cats can be really weird sometimes and they can have the strangest reactions to things that we would think are fairly mundane. Like us, they have their own quirks and idiosyncrasies though, and this cat certainly seems to have one, but I suspect he has more. They do random, silly stuff that makes us laugh, and this guy’s reaction to a flower on his head is sure to make you laugh. It’s even funnier than watching the cats who did something really weird when they saw a cucumber next to them. That was so hilarious! I think it’s those quirks and funny reactions that make us love them even more!

In this clip you will see a cat, just a regular looking cat, sitting on the sofa while his owner sings to him, apparently about a flower. She’s holding a petunia flower in her hand. Now this kitty has a strange reaction when his human gave him this flower. At first he was very patient of his human’s singing. He was even tolerant of how annoying his human can be. But when his human gave him a flower and placed it on his head, he didn’t know what to do. He just froze! Poor kitty! He was shocked and rendered motionless by the flower on his head!

Or maybe he thought if he didn’t move, his owner wouldn’t start singing again.

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