Watch This Cat Steal Slippers From Under the Door! LOL!

Cats can be really silly sometimes. Just like everyone else, cats have their own idiosyncrasies. They may appear quite serious, but sometimes, they can be really silly! Just like that cat named Harley Quinn who always hops out of the doorway when she exits the room.

The cat in this video has her own silly habit as well. She likes to steal slippers! Even if the slipper is in the other room, she finds a way to get her paws on them. In the video, you can see her steal her human’s slippers from under the door! All she had to do was slide her paws under the door and reach for them. Check it out!

This cat really has a thing for slippers! They even nicknamed her “The Slipper Thief”!
What silly things does your cat do that make you laugh?

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