Watch This Cat Try To Attack A Feather

Whenever cats see something new, they always get curious and go into defensive mode, just like that cat who saw a cucumber and got the fright of his life. But once they know that it’s not a threat to their lives, they start to play with it. Maybe that’s how cats end up playing with the strangest and most random things! Their curiosity is what makes them so charming and appealing to us as pets.

Now this Ragdoll cat named Timo doesn’t need a lot of toys to keep himself occupied and have some fun. All he needs is a feather, and he can have tons of fun with it, even if he’s alone. Timo attempts to attack this feather from all different angles, including one martial arts move where he lands on it and goes into a somersault, flipping over onto his back. But no reaction from the feather doesn’t stop him! The next thing we see is Timo stalking the feather from inside some nearby bushes. At the end of this clip, he discovers there are actually two feathers instead of one, and he finally catches his prey and, well, appears to lick it. Frightening. Watch the video and see Timo the Ragdoll cat try to attack a feather!

He’s such an adorable fluffball! I want to pick him up and hug him!

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