This Gymnast Cat Absolutely Flips for A Treat

Does your cat know any tricks? The most common trick that a dog or a cat can learn is how to sit or stay. Most of them would usually sit and stay for a treat. Some would even do a roll-over. But this cat does more than just sit and stay. Yup, this one has an even cooler trick.

This video, courtesy of AFV Animals, shows us a cat that has quite a trick up his sleeve. This cat is sort of a gymnast (well, aren’t all cats?). And for this kitty, chairs are more than just for plain sitting.


Our family has invited cats into our lives for many years; the best trick we have taught to one of them is to fetch. Cute, of course, but not that far of a stretch. Cats are actually quite clever and will do all sorts of things for treats. Of course, they probably find these tricks beneath them, though, being the most snobby of family members.

The cat in our video today has a very cute trick for her treats. While her physique doesn’t quite sync with a gymnast, she is certainly able to perform some twisting and flipping. You will find this chubby cat simply adorable when you see what she does for a treat.

This Gymnast Cat Absolutely Flips for A Treat