Watch What They Caught This Cat Doing In The Garden. At 1:16, I Laughed Out Loud!

Timo the fluffy ragdoll cat lives in the Netherlands and enjoys spending time out in the garden. Timo is a very curious cat and it doesn’t take very much to amuse him. When he is first let outside he runs around in the garden and chases after a few things, including his owner’s camera.

Watch as Timo jumps from bush to bush around the garden. He is so unpredictable you never know we going to go next this cat is so cute. He’s even happy to get to get dirty rolling around in a flowerbed!

But it’s his time at the Koi pond that makes me smile the most. He watches the little fish swimming around as he washes his paws. I have to say I could watch Timo for hours and hours on end.

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