Watch this chained bull’s reaction to being released for the very first time

When we think about bulls, we tend to picture them as the aggressive, angry animals we see in rodeos, always ready to charge. In reality, bulls are actually extremely peaceful creatures who only look for a fight after they’ve been provoked – meaning it’s always out of self defense! It’s actually incredibly common for bulls to face cruel conditions and be mistreated.

Not only are they abused, but they’re often abused for the sake of human entertainment. These animals are chained up and kept in rooms far too small for them to roam, even though having the space to wander and graze is necessary for them to live healthy lives. Bandit is a bull who had never been freed from his chains before. Being locked up was the only life he knew until a kind stranger named Christian came along and saved him.

Christian was from a sanctuary called the Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary, and he knew he had to release Bandit from the shackles that were tormenting him. As a result, Bandit shows his appreciation in the most adorable and sweet way, even doing a little dance to say ‘thank you!’ This touching and heartfelt moment between the animal and his rescuer was caught on camera, and it’s sure to melt your heart. Animals truly don’t deserve such awful treatment, and it’s wonderful that people like Christian are so determined to save as many of these poor creatures as they can.

You have to watch this beautiful moment between Christian and Bandit. The bull’s happiness is so obvious, and it’s clear that Bandit understood that he was being freed. Animals are much smarter than we give them credit for! What did you think of this incredible footage? Let us know in the comments, and share this touching moment with your friends!