Watch “Christmas, Will You Stay?” (feat. Laura Osnes). The music video!

A long time ago, back when I arrived at the big city, I was invited by a few of my new friends to see a Broadway show. To be honest, I did not like the idea. I am from the country, so we didn’t have any of that back there. We had rodeos and country music concerts. But that was about it. I had seen advertisements on Broadway shows on TV, and they didn’t look like something I would want to attend.

For me, they were a bunch of people kind of acting and singing at the same time. I did not see any logic in that, but I ended up taking my friends up on their invitation because I didn’t have anything to do that day… Yes, I even checked if I had any laundry… Regardless of my hesitation, they told me I would have a wonderful time and that I would end up wanting to go again.

I reluctantly said yes and went home. It took place that same day and I went home to get ready. I met them outside the theater and was surprised that there was actually a very long line to get in. I thought to myself, “Are all these people really here to watch this thing?” I got in and the place was packed. We had gotten good seats, so at least I was going to watch it up close.

The show started and let me tell you, I had a blast. The storyline was very entertaining, and the actors/singers were much better than I had anticipated. One of the actresses surprised me in a very good way. She was an exceptionally good singer, her name was (still is) Laura Osnes. I did a little research on her and found that she was a very successful actress and singer.

She did most of her work on Broadway, and even got the start role of “Sandy” in Grease. She also did some television work appearing on HBO Network for a few projects, and a few series on CBS. It turns out she has quite a few acts up her sleeve, no pun intended.

Well, I just found her on YouTube singing a wonderful song called “Christmas, will you stay?” It was only when listening to this song that I could fully appreciate the immense talent she possesses. But don’t take my word for it. Sit back and listen to this wonderful song, by an even more wonderful human being, actress and singer!