Watch As The Coyote Finally Met His Match In A Cute Baby Red Fox, PRECIOUS!

Coyote Peterson is the host of Discovery Digital Network’s award-winning series Breaking Trail. This is a clip from his equally popular Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube. The clip has exceeded six million views in less than four weeks.

This clip takes us to Alaska, the last frontier of these United States. Watch the amazing wilderness in the borough of Haines, near Mosquito Lake. Why is it called Mosquito Lake? There are no mosquitos in the cold Alaskan air.

Although the jungle stretches as far as the eye could see, and Coyote trekked up breathtaking Russian ice-melt stream, there were no mammals to be found as they were just too shy. So Coyote went to Steve Kroschel’s wildlife sanctuary, where there were moose, weasels, even a wolverine! I had thought the wolverine was a mythical creature, silly me.

Coyote Peterson likes to be up close and personal with wild animals. He has interacted intimately with creatures as serious as grizzly bears and bobcats, but at last he met his match in the form of a cute little baby red fox!

He named the baby red fox Lupa. Watch as Coyote pulled out all the stops to get Lupa to hang out with him. He tried different fox calls with no success. Then he whipped out a fishing line with a grisly bird’s wing hanging at the end of the line. He had only minor success with it.

Finally he succeeded by imitating a mouse! You simply have to see for yourself. It was quite amazing. Then he tried pulling off one of his sock and it worked too. Let’s follow Lupa around with a GoPro camera.

Have you ever seen a fox in the wilderness? As we learned in this clip, one had to be very lucky to find a fox in the wild. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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