Watch These Cute Kittens Come Out Of The Box One By One

Hello fellow cat lovers! Are you looking for the PURRfect video to start your day? Well we may just have what you are looking for! We are all aware of a kitten’s love for boxes and how a simple box can entertain them for hours, but every once in a while it is time to venture away from the box for a little playtime and that is what these kittens in the video must be thinking.

I’m guessing these babies just woke up from a nap, or maybe they just woke up after a good night’s sleep, but either way, they are all ready to leave the box and go exploring. Rise and shine little kitties! Time to start your day!

One by one, they emerge and come out of the box, like the clowns you see emerging from the tiny car in the circus! It’s a pretty simple video but it’s just so cute that we had to share it! Check it out for your dose of cuteness today. These curious little kitties seem ready for a day of exploring and no doubt, they will come back later to nap in the box.

So did these kittens made you smile today? Share this adorable video with your fellow cat lovers if it did. Did this cute clip make you want to have a kitten of your very own? Well any time is a great time to adopt. All you need is a box and your kitten will have a place to sleep and play.

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