Watch a dad as he tries to teach his twin daughters to pray. This is hilarious!

The way you educate your children reflects a little bit of personality. Each family has different values and priorities that they wish to instill in their children. For some parents, manners represent a big part of who they are. It doesn’t only include which dinnerware you use on what occasion, but also the way you dress, and how you carry yourself.

I was always brought up in a conservative way. I was told to say “please,” and “thanks,” and to be courteous. I soon found out the diversity in terms of manners and education that existed out there. Knowing what kind of knife and spoon to use is something that I picked up on my own.

One of the things that my father insisted his children learn, was to say grace and pray. Saying grace originated from the book of the Bible, Deuteronomy 8:10: “And thou shalt eat and be satisfied and shalt bless the Lord thy God for the goodly land which he has given thee.” We would take turns in the family and thanked the Lord for what we would eat every day.

Praying was something else. My family was very spiritual, so I was encouraged to read the Bible regularly. By the time I was around 9 years old, I had already read the Bible once and was on my way of reading it again. I took a lot of Bible classes for children ever since I got there. I was familiar with many of the teachings and had already memorized many of the verses.

So, when it came to prayer, we were basically on our own. I learned to do it and I would say I was okay. Some children at the church would not always say grace before they ate, but it was something that I guess they would pick up later. Today, some fathers take it upon themselves to be a spiritual guide for their children. They will have small Bible and prayer sessions in their house every week, to help strengthen and reinforce what they have learned in church.

Prayer is a very important part of it. So, when it’s time for their children to learn how to say grace, they are more than happy to hop on that wagon. The father in the following video has decided to teach his twin daughters how to pray. He teaches them the correct positioning of their hands, and the words they need to say. But when he starts hearing them actually saying it, is when everything turns cute and hilarious at the same time.