Watch Damian Spiteri’s – Shine at Christmas. It’ll be your favorite.

What do we celebrate on Christmas? Well, many things. We celebrate love and togetherness, we celebrate hope and compassion. In today’s world, we sometimes need to remind ourselves to preserve these values. Preserving them is something we need to do every day, and not only on Christmas. There are very few songs that remind us of this.

Most of the songs remind us of everything around Christmas. I have plenty of playlists from different artists. Most of them are pop songs from the most popular singers. I also like to include songs from new artists. I believe that talent is present everywhere, and not only when backed by record labels. I’ve been able to listen to great singers from all around the world, as well as many great collaborations. From jazz singers to pop and rock singers. Talent knows no boundaries, just as love.

One of my favorite genres is classical. I enjoy classical music ever since I moved to the big city. Back in the country, we didn’t have any major orchestras showing up. Classical music has given me a lot of satisfaction. I used to think that classical music was easy and all of it sounded pretty much the same to me. But there’s nothing like listening to an orchestra perform live.

Recently, I started to look for something different to play for this Christmas. I found some very talented people, but even though they were very good, their songs did not speak to me that much on what the real message of Christmas should be. So, I said to myself that I would find someone whose song embodied the true meaning of the festivity.

After many days looking for that one song, I finally found it. And it was not sung by a famous singer. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even sung by a singer. The song was sung by a man named Damian Spiteri. Have you ever heard of him? If you haven’t, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Damian is actually a lecturer at the University of York in the UK. He has been everything from a teacher, lecturer, and social worker for many universities around the world.

His contributions have been very important for many people’s lives, but he decided to do something he had never done before, he wrote a song. His song talks about Christmas, sharing, and everything that we all love about Christmas. He doesn’t only write the song, but he also performs it. I’m sure after listening to this song, it’ll be one of your favorites.