Watch this desperate dog cry for help as he is trapped in a gate!

Animals sometimes get themselves into problems they cannot get out of. This happens both in a home environment as well as in the wild. I remember watching an article about a very unlikely rescue. A hunter was on his way home after a long day of hunting. He was a deer hunter and that day, had not been a good one for any hunters.

He had been in the woods with his fellow hunter friends looking for deer. They found some of them but didn’t have luck hunting any of them. Apparently, the weather had had something to do with it. They drank a few beers and ate something on their way home and decided to call it a day. When this hunter got in his car, he didn’t think life was going to give him a second chance at a deer.

On his way home, he spotted a deer who had gotten stuck on a fence. The hunter had no idea how long he had been there and if he had been just another hunter, he would have been tempted to take out his rifle and shoot the deer. But not this hunter, he believed that in the true spirit of hunting, he had to give the deer a living chance.

So, he went out of the car and started to look for a way to free the deer. The problem was the horns. They were very big, and he feared the animal might panic and hurt him while he was freeing the animal. He pulled the barbwire from the side and the deer started jumping to get free. The horns got about 5 inches of the hunter’s face, so he knew he needed to be careful.

He got some pliers from his car and with only a couple of cuts to the wires, the deer had been freed. Once the deer was freed he went into his car again feeling like a million dollars. Rescuing an animal is one of the most awesome feelings in the world. I’ve rescued a couple of dogs myself and I can tell you there’s no feeling like it in the world.

The dog in the following video needed some desperate rescuing. For some reason, the dog had gotten stuck in a fence. That’s right! Inside a fence. When the rescuers got to the dog, they heard his cries and desperation to be let out of there. The rescuers had no idea how they would get the dog out, but after discussing it, one of them came up with a plan!