Watch why this dog is so anxious to go outside of his new house!

Do you let your dog play with other dogs in the neighborhood? How about with other kids? This is a tough question for many dog owners. For some, it is much better to have their dog playing inside their homes. They can have total control over what takes place and how their dogs play. This is especially true when you have a large dog who can hurt someone inadvertently.

Growing up, I didn’t mind if my dog played with other dogs in the neighborhood. In fact, he had a lot of dog friends. He would scratch the fence early in the morning to be let out. As soon as he grew large enough, he would just jump the fence and go. We would not get worried about where he was or what he was doing. He was a very well-behaved dog who was loved by everyone in the neighborhood.

At times, he would ‘invite’ his dog friends to the house. We would sometimes go to the backyard to get something and discover there were 5 other dogs we had seen around the neighborhood. My father was not a huge fan of this because he had a greenhouse in the backyard. One day, he forgot to lock the greenhouse and some of the dogs ate his tomatoes.

My father was an avid ‘vegetable grower’ and was very proud of his produce. He got very good at it and since he sometimes harvested a lot, we always had more than enough to spare. We had an apple tree that we had bought at the local nursery. Once planted on the ground, the tree got very wide and very tall. My mother used most of the apples to make pies. Whenever we wanted a snack, she always suggested we go to the tree for an apple.

Some of my friends thought so, too. They would ask me to give them some fruit and I did. We had a lot of it and there was no conceivable way for us to finish them all by ourselves. We also had a fig tree that my dog and his dog-friends loved because of the sweet fruit. I remember one day seeing my dog. He was seeing something outside and appeared very anxious. When we went outside, we discovered he was looking at a rabbit.

The dog in the following video is also looking at something outside and looks very anxious to be let out. The thing is they his family has just moved into this house and the dog is acting a little weird. The owners don’t know what has gotten his attention so much until they open the door and finally see what it was. Click on the video for the hilarious conclusion.