Watch as the dog this man lost 8 years ago walks through it!

The following story really hit me in more ways than one. I’m a dog owner who has lost his dog. Unfortunately for me, as in the case of most dog owners, we never get our dogs back. They are not dogs, they are family. Every day that goes by doesn’t hurt less than the day before. Of course, our days are filled with many things to do. Nevertheless, we always find a moment in our day to remember our pets.

We wonder if our pets are also thinking about us. Do they still remember us? Would they remember us if they ever saw us again? Every day that goes by is a day we lose a little bit of hope. We pray that our dogs are being taken care of. We pray that they are not suffering, sick, or worse. I bet we wished we had a magic wand or a button we could press and make them appear again. Sadly, this is never the case. We’re not sad every day. There are days that we remember the great times we had. That in a way lifts our spirit.

In this story, we have many of the same elements. We have an owner who comes back home to find his dog is missing. No one sees what happened. He has no idea where to start. She starts with the obvious posters. He places them anywhere he can. He hopes to get at least a phone call, a lead or something. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. He calls his friends and asks them to help.

They do help him. They go to their friends asking for help. Soon after, we’re talking about a substantial number of people looking for the dog with no result. The days turn into months and the months turn into years. Eight years have passed since Joshua Edwards lost his Rottweiler. He has been feeling very worried lately. The reason is simple: Rottweilers don’t live that long. Rottweilers like many other large breeds, live anywhere between eight and 10 years. Some of them make it to 12, rarely older.

So, if it’s been eight years, that means he doesn’t have a lot of time left. But then he gets a call. The call is coming from a microchip company. They say they find a dog whose chip was registered under his name. His dog’s name is Duke.

Currently, he must be a senior Rottweiler. He schedules an appointment and is now waiting to see if they really found his dog. You can tell Edward is very nervous. He doesn’t really know what to expect. Maybe it won’t even be his dog, but he hopes it is. Please watch the moment when he’s reunited with his old missing friend. I guarantee it will bring tears to your eyes!