Watch What This Dog Does When His Marine Dies

When this dog loses his companion, a new heartfelt journey awaits him. “Max” is a coming-of-age movie which was released in October 2015. This movie revolves around a military service dog whose handler, U.S. Marine Kyle Wincott, was killed in action in Afghanistan. After the death of the marine, this dog, Max is adopted by Kyle’s grieving family. And he is most attached to Kyle’s younger brother, Justin.

At first, the relationship between Justin and Max is not so good. Max has hard time accepting a new owner. But, slowly they both begin to accept each other as companions in their hardship. Justin also feels the loss of his older brother like Max does, so the two of them have to work through this grieving process together and try to figure out what comes next for each of them. In the process, they form a close bond with each other.

This movie follows the tumultuous journey of Max and Justin. A journey in which priorities are shifted, relationships are altered, and the true meaning of heroism is redefined. The movie brings a lot of awareness to our military and the struggles they face overseas, including the loss that families feel when they lose a loved one. Max is just one character in the movie who helps us understand what our service men and women go through overseas.

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