Watch This Dog’s Reaction When He Turns Around And Sees His New Toy

This special dog, Maymo, recently got a unique and very large gift from his adoptive human parents. It could have either scared him to death or filled him with hours of amusement and joy. This special gift turned out to be a huge stuffed gorilla! You can watch the video below to see Maymo’s startled reaction when his parents give him his new toy. He seems unsure as to whether he should attack it or cuddle up next to it or just pull all the stuffing out of it.

At first, Maymo was startled and more than a little unsure of what to do with this strange, giant toy, but this goofy gorilla definitely has Maymo’s full attention. He seems curious about the giant ape his parents gave him, but he still aims to show it who’s boss! Eliminate the competition, right Maymo? Keep the upper hand and don’t give in!

Well, maybe not. At first he seemed like he didn’t want this gorilla anywhere around, but then his tail starts wagging and it doesn’t take too long before Maymo falls in love with his new best friend and new favorite toy. As you can see in the video, Maymo takes his gorilla friend on all kinds of adventures and they are all about the crazy antics. They become virtually inseparable. After I watched this video, I wondered what Maymo would do with a real gorilla and if he would love it even more.

Watch Maymo and his new primate best friend in the fun video right below!

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