Watch this dog’s reunion with the owner he hasn’t seen in 2 years. How will he react to his voice?

Losing your dog is one of the most saddening experiences you can go through. It is an experience you are not likely to forget. When a pet goes missing, all your family and friends get together and help you try and get him back. When times goes by and he’s not back home, you begin to lose all faith. Pets who are returned to their owners are usually done so within 72 hours of their disappearance. This dog has been lost for a long time and still no signal.

When Bosco got lost, his owner was not aware that it would be for so long. Bosco is a beagle mix. He is one of those breeds who is always full of energy. One day, the dog is feeling adventurous and decides to go out for a while. He breaks out of his home leaving his owner there. From that day on, he would wander for months.

Bosco thought of getting back home, he just did not know how to. He found himself lost and alone as a result. He did not know where he was and kept going into houses hoping that he might know someone who could take him back home. He was very far away from home. So far away, that people thought he was a stray dog. He survived by eating out of dumpsters or whatever food he could scrape here and there.

Normally, when a dog in Bosco’s condition got lost, he would never be found again. People would just find them and take them in. After a while, the dog had adapted with the family and would probably end up living with the new family for many years to come.

One day, Bosco gets very hungry and spots a can of very tasty dog food. He hadn’t eaten in a while and would certainly enjoy this. After he eats the food a trap door activates and he is left locked in a cage. Bosco’s gets very nervous because right now he doesn’t even know if he will get to go home. Fortunately for him, these humans are not looking to hurt him. They have done their research and know exactly who this dog belongs to.

They quickly arranged a video chat between Bosco and his owner online. They see that Bosco’s owner is really happy that Bosco has been found. They set up a date to finally get Bosco back to his owner. Bosco is very excited and has a lot of explaining to do. Have some Kleenex ready and click on the video for the touching reunion.