Watch what this dummy does after his ventriloquist storms off stage during their show

For years, America’s Got Talent has been providing people with a platform to show off their talents. The sensational television show welcomes people with talents of all kinds, whether they’re conventional or out-there. Strange acts appear on stage each and every year. Although ventriloquism is a familiar enough act, it still has a uniqueness to it! Involving a ventriloquist and a puppet or dummy, routines consist of the puppet highlighting a personality of their own through the voice of the ventriloquist. This makes it seem as though the puppet is speaking on their own! Isn’t that something?

The show has seen a handful of ventriloquists over the years, but nobody has put on a show quite like contestant Paul Zerdin’s! He gives comedians like Jeff Dunham a run for their money. You’ll see why when you watch Paul’s act from America’s Got Talent’s 2015 quarterfinals! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

After Paul and his puppet, Sam, make it onto the stage to start the show, Paul reveals that the two of them had gotten into an argument backstage beforehand. Paul ends up storming off of the stage, leaving Sam to handle the performance on his own. It didn’t seem to make sense. After all, how was a puppet supposed to perform with no puppeteer?

As it turns out, Sam wasn’t just some ordinary puppet! An unexpected turn of events left the audience erupting with laughter, and it certainly impressed the judges! You won’t want to miss this incredible clip. It’ll have you on the floor in hysterics! You’ll understand why Zerdin is so popular with crowds. His sass and creativity make him one of the best ventriloquist acts out there today! Watch the footage for yourself and leave a comment down below. Then, share this hilarious video with your friends!