Watch As These Eager Rabbits Line Up In Order To Be Lovingly Groomed By This Cat

There’s nothing quite like a day spent relaxing at the spa. Getting your hair done at the salon, splurging on a pedicure, and enjoying a professional massage are just some of the things that can make us feel pampered and luxurious. It’s a sweet treat to indulge in these fine pleasures, and between our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time to treat ourselves to something special. That just makes it all the more enjoyable when we do get to experience such nice treatments, though!

As you probably know, animals are just as keen on getting special treatment. They can even be quite selfish about it at times! From dogs demanding belly rubs and cats demanding scratches, there’s no denying that animals adore being pampered themselves. Fortunately, they often help each other out with some grooming here and there!

Although kitties and bunny rabbits typically don’t tend to be best pals out in the wild, they can become quite close in family homes! Just look at this footage of a cat and his best bunny friends. These bunnies seem to have had quite the day, as they’re excited about the prospect of being taken care of by their feline friend!

Watch how these incredible animals move in toward the cat to ask for some grooming. They can hardly wait their turn! Cats and bunnies are interesting in that each of them considers grooming to mean something different. For a cat to groom someone else means the kitty is convinced they’re in charge. For rabbits to be groomed by others, however, they think they’re the dominant creature and deserve to be treated properly because of their standing. Isn’t that incredible?

Everyone’s a winner in this situation! Have you ever seen animals do this for one another? Let us know what you thought of this adorable clip in the comment section down below. Then, share the video with your family and friends!