Watch This Eccentric Animal Family!

Interspecies friendship is always absolutely adorable, but interspecies adoption? That’s a whole other ballgame, the cuteness ante is definitely raised in these cases. Not only because of the mother-child component, but also because of the sheer rareness of these occurrences! An animal acting as a surrogate mom to a different species proves that the power of love is enough to overcome any differences!  You may have seen cats and dogs become friends and even adopt each other’s children however a cat adopting a baby rabbit? Well, wait until you hear about our new friends!

Meet momma Snaggle Puss, a cat that lives in Rotherham, UK and she has got to be the most unusual mother! This cat adopted a tiny bunny baby named Bubbles. Bubbles’ mom died only a week after she was born. But she was soon taken in by Snaggle Puss, who had just had a litter of her own. In the video you can see her carefully grooming, picking up, and nursing baby bubbles, as well as the tiny rabbit interacting with his adorable feline siblings. It’s incredibly heartwarming to see how well they get along!

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