Watch Ed Sheeran perform this cover of “Ain’t No Sunshine,” so well, it priceless!

Today’s artists have become more versatile these days. Maybe it’s because of all the social media they are now exposed to. Everything an artist has contact with influences the final product he or she produces. This is especially true if you are a songwriter. People say that songwriters have a stronger feel for everything that happens to them.

They are able to get inspiration from the simplest things that surround them. They take things like the sunset or sunrise and turn it into lyrics from a song. This means that when something happens to them that gets them blue, it affects them on a very high level. Some of them need counseling after something like a death in the family occurs. It takes such an emotional toll on them, that they require someone to guide them through that healing process.

I am not saying that everything is sadness when it comes to songwriters, only that sadness like other feelings have a bigger impact on them compared to other people. This also goes for happiness. Some experts believe that people who write songs experience unheard of levels of happiness What do you think? Or, do you think happiness is lived the same by everyone?

One songwriter that has amazed audiences with his genius for writing songs out the most ordinary things is Ed Sheeran. Ed was born in Halifax on February 17th, 1991. Like many talented singers, he got his start while singing at his local church. He left school at only 16 years old and moved to London to start his singing career.

He launched an EP independently, and it sounded so good, that it caught Elton John’s attention. He contacted Asylum Records and directed him their way. And the rest, as they say, is recording music history. With his boyish looks, he has managed to remain current and write songs that young and old people love. He has also managed to cover some of the most beautiful songs.

This next cover is no exception. When Ed Sheeran was asked to cover the hit classic “Ain’t no sunshine,” he gladly accepted, although he knew he would be getting a real tall order. He wanted to sing the song as the original artist who wrote it had intended to. When he took the stage for the song, no one had any clue that they were about to witness music history. Are you curious enough now? Just watch!