Elvis Presley sings ‘Love Me Tender’ and the crowd loses their minds

Whether you lived in the era of Elvis or not, you surely heard great stories about him. He was something else, something unusual and an object of admiration to most people. His memory lives on and will never fade.

It’s impossible not to feel emotional watching Elvis singing “Love Me Tender” live in 1970. From the very beginning, Elvis starts to charm the audience with his miniature guitar, his characteristic look and a smile that has been commented for decades now.

He starts to walk on the stage while singing and approaches the women in the audience that are more than happy to have him close. The fact that instead of the usual handshakes or hugs with the fans, he gives all these women a little kiss. This says a lot about their love for him as well as his connection with people and his charm.

Elvis greets his many fans that stand next to the stage, one by one, giving them all a moment of happiness; some of them use the chance to give him a present that he thanks them for like a real gentleman.

Elvis made the atmosphere homely and interacted with people more than any other star has. It wasn’t enough for him to approach them from the stage so he comes down and walks around the tables while all the girls start screaming in an awe to have him that close. During his little walk around the tables, he kissed more girls than I could count!

One fan says, “Elvis is probably the best looking man that ever lived. And what a voice!”. He indeed had something that no other singer had before nor after him. After watching this video, even those that only knew him by the stories will understand why Elvis is the greatest of all time.

If you are one of those or you just want to remind yourself of why he was so special, you should definitely check out the video too.