Watch Emerson’s Heartwarming Survival Story! It’ll Melt Your Heart!

Not everyone is nice to animals. Unfortunately this is a universal truth, many are left to their death because of irresponsible owners that didn’t consider the full scope of being a pet-owner. The biggest victims of this negligent behavior are dogs, the so-called man’s best friend sometimes does not receive the same love and adoration it is bestowed. However the ugliest aspect of this horrible truth, is the humans that go far beyond and abuse animals. It is absolutely devastating to witness the state that some dogs are found in.

However, for every horrible human there are many more that are devoted to treating animals with respect and kindness. Today we want to share with you the sad but at the same time heartening story of Emerson.  An adorable mix of Papillion-Pomeranian suffered incredible abuse from its owner. Emerson was so deeply emotionally and physically scarred that he would run away to a shelter only to be picked up by his abusive owners over and over again. One day, the little dog suffered the biggest beating to date and finally, was abandoned at the shelter for good. His leg mauled, but at last with caretakers that showed him real love and kindness.

The Annie Hart & Bill foundation helped Emerson recover and find a loving family to be adopted into!

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