Watch As This Extremely Tidy Orangutan Mother Puts Toys Away After Playtime Is Over

There’s no denying that monkeys are incredibly human-like and intelligent beings. They can mimic our body language and they seem to understand humans quite easily. The connections we can form with them are truly incredible, and it all becomes even more amazing when we witness them performing human-like tasks totally out of the blue!

The orangutan featured in the video below decided that the mess of toys scattered around the animal enclosure at the Twycross Zoo was too much. Doing exactly what you would expect a mother to do, she starts to clean up after her kids. She does all of this with her newborn baby in her arms! Can you believe it?

To make the area more tidy, she places each of the loose, colorful balls into a box before carrying it up to the very top of her climbing frame. With her hands full and her determination strong, the mama only drops a single red ball! She’s a true champion. If you’re looking for a more efficient cleanup strategy, take notes from this monkey!

It’s amazing how this orangutan took the initiative to clean up after her offspring when things got too out of hand. All with a baby in her grasp, too! Mothers are all too familiar with multitasking, and that’s a fact for mothers of all species! Much like humans, this monkey has no time for nonsense, and she’s ready to tackle the mess that came her way.

Have you ever seen an animal so determined to make their space so much neater? What an amazing creature! You have to check out the footage of this mama in action for yourself. Be sure to leave your thoughts on this incredible clip in the comment section down below. Then, share this video with your friends and family to amaze them!