Watch What He Did When He Found This Horse And Her Baby Dying In The Snow

Cruelty done to animals is always heart wrenching to see. When Macy and her foal, Loca, were found abandoned in an icy field in 2013, they were in terrible condition. Freezing, starving and exhausted, their condition was tear jerking and her rescuers could hardly believe that someone would be cruel enough to leave a mother and her foal out there to freeze to death.

The video shows Macy laying down, resting her head on the snow and shivering. It is very rare for a horse to lay down so it was clear she was in distress. She was on the brink of giving up, but luckily what happened after that means this story has a happy ending. The World Horse Welfare team luckily saved the horse by arriving in the nick of time to rescue her and get her warm. With emergency veterinary care, Macy and her foal Loca were brought to the U.K’s Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre to continue their life saving treatment and rehabilitation, which was a success.

The vet had informed that Macy wouldn’t probably be able to make it out alive but miraculously she recovered. You will surely break down into tears while watching this heart-warming rescue. Thanks to the World Horse Welfare team, who were able to save these helpless horses, Macy and Loca survived and can now lead a safe and happy life being cared for by people who love them.

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