Watch This Four Adorable Pandas Have A Blast During Playtime!

Amongst baby animals, pandas have the greatest healing qualities. I guarantee that watching a video of a baby of a panda lazing about and playing is just what the doctor prescribed to get rid your Monday blues! Trust me, watching videos of baby animals has gotten through different levels of glum! They are incredibly adorable and friendly!  This feature features 4 baby pandas, not one, for maximum effect!

These fluffy baby pandas are having the time of their lives at the Chengdu Panda Base in China. There, they can play around while their caretakers look after them. And even the humans can’t resist playing with the little fellows — they’re so cute, who wouldn’t want to join in on the fun and act like total goofs with these little guys?

Watch as they obediently follow their caretaker up a set of stairs, and with a little difficulty at first, when their nanny slides down the slide, the four babies don’t hesitate, and tumble down right after her.

After catching their breath after many rounds of acting like complete dorks and falling on top of each other, you won’t be able to resist the smile pulling at your face!

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