Watch As Gender Reveal Party Takes A Surprising But Totally Heartwarming Turn

The gender reveal party is a fairly new tradition, made possible by modern medical technology. A non-invasive test can now determine a fetus’ gender a mere five to ten weeks into pregnancy. While some people still want their baby’s gender to be a surprise, many can’t resist finding out early. And why not throw a party, too? To a certain extent, the gender reveal party is modeled on the baby shower except that both male and female guests are welcome. In some cases, the parents-to-be choose to keep themselves unaware of the baby’s gender, finding out at the same time as their guests. The color theme is pink or blue and there are many ways to do the “reveal.” Guests might bash open a pinata and have pink or blue candy rain down on them. Balloons of one color or the other might be released from a box. Hosts often come up with a creative idea of their own. Social media seems to be making gender reveal parties more and more popular.

In this gender reveal party from 2015, a scavenger hunt led the guests to Grandma’s house. For the scavenging, they mixed things up a little and put mom on Team Blue while dad was assigned to Team Pink. Once at Grandma’s house, the plan was that the mom-to-be would go outside and reveal the gender to everyone. This is where the real surprise happened. The future dad was there on his knee, diamond ring at the ready, and asked her to marry him. As if that wasn’t enough, everyone else had already prepared for an impromptu wedding, then and there!

We’ve posted the heartwarming video below. It was an amazing day for everyone!

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