Watch Gorillas All But Fall In Love With Tiny Animal That Crawls Into Their Enclosures.

The fierce gorilla is known as one of the mightiest beast on earth. This is the reason that Merian C. Cooper viewed at a young age and years later, was moved to create the fearsome Mighty Joe Young otherwise known as King Kong.

Although they can be intimidating, gorillas seem to be hiding a different side of themselves. Not some horrible secret—it’s actually much, much sweeter than that!

Despite their incredible physical makeup and fearsome teeth, gorillas have a quality that most people know nothing about. This secret side is shining through completely in this video that was captured in The Calgary Zoo of two gorillas getting a real kick out of a tiny caterpillar.

What exactly does this little video show you? What are they hiding exactly? It’s a very sensitive side that is rarely seen among their kind. Although rare, it’s not at all a special case as you’ll also see Koko, a gorilla that is introduced to a little kitten. You won’t believe the reaction.

It’s so cute and not at all in line with the image given in King Kong about these magnificent creatures. Check it out below and as always please leave a comment to let us know what you think and then share the clip all around.

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