Watch the great ‘Frosty the Snowman’ Christmas movie. Very touching

What’s your favorite Christmas movie? There are so many that choosing one is the hardest thing. Watching Christmas movies has been an old tradition at our home. It used to be that our movies were on old VHS tapes. We had a bookshelf at home, and it would be filled with our ‘private’ collection. The old Rambo and Rocky movies were there, as well as other classics my family liked.

Do you remember the ‘Home Alone’ series? That’s probably one of my favorite movies of the season. It’s one of those movies that makes you laugh, but kind of leaves you an important message. In the case of this movie, the message was about the importance of family. Liking your family can be a difficult thing when you are part of a big family. Everyone’s competing for space, attention, and recognition.

I can relate to that, at least a little bit. I remember growing up, I had two other brothers and no sisters. Competition for attention and recognition would be a daily thing. There were times that I got into a lot of arguments with my brothers, but in the end, we loved each other and would forgive each other fast. I had some friends that were part of larger families. As far as they could tell me, every day was hectic and full of stress.

The Home Alone series became very popular because everything would happen around Christmas. There were good guys and bad guys in the movie, and of course, there was Kevin. He was just like your average kid, with the only difference that he was very smart. He would get into the worst trouble possible and then, somehow, he would find a way out of it.

This movie, along with ‘The Christmas Carol’ are the movies that I have enjoyed the most. The reason is that they are movies that also make you reflect on how you have been behaving, which makes a lot of sense for a kid. Movies with a good message are hard to come across these days. I thought that those were the only movies that would be worth watching on this Christmas season.

Fortunately, I was wrong. I came across an old Christmas movie with a great message. This movie dates back to 1965 (don’t worry, it’s in color). It has been remastered and is even in HD, would you believe that? The movie is called ‘Frosty the Snowman’. It’s one of those movies, you’ll want to watch while next to the fireplace and eating popcorn. A great movie to watch with your family.