Watch a group of kids perform a fascinating tribute to all those who passed on this beach.

A lot has been said about World War II. To those who lost a loved one there, my most sincere condolences. It was a time where great measures needed to be taken to preserve people’s freedom and way of life. It was very difficult back then. America was not the only superpower with great military abilities.

I have seen quite a few documentaries of what happened. My father didn’t serve in that war because he was a toddler back then. He did, however, get his hands on a few newspapers that detailed the incident. He had them in the house because he is a little bit of a history buff. I remember him walking me to a small office he had in the house to show them to me.

The office was a little bigger than a small bedroom but had quite a collection of books. My father had been a book collector for many years. In fact, he still is. He likes to collect mostly historical and hard-to-get books. I remember he had a large chest that looked like a pirate’s treasure chest. I asked him what he had there one day. His response was, “Here, I keep my greatest treasures.”

I obviously got very curious about it but never insisted on him showing them to me. “You’ll have your chance to look at them when the time comes,” he said. I would go to this office and read some of the books he had there. I remember he also had a bunch of old framed maps hanging on the wall. Almost all of them had some sort of markings or flags.

They looked like very old maps. It wasn’t anything like what you could get at your local store. I remember there was a large map right behind his desk. “What’s that map for,” I asked. “That,” he told me, “is the map that shows one of the darkest battles of the war. I looked at the map and it was a map of France. It had a lot of little red flags and markings on it. I asked him to tell me the story and he did.

My heart goes out to all who lost their loved ones there or in any other battle. I feel so proud to be an American because of this and do consider myself to be a little bit of a patriot. I believe our fallen soldiers deserve our respect, admiration and the best tributes out there. The following video can be just that. It features a children’s choir and is shot at the same beach where the battle was carried out. This video talks about courage, love, and everything that makes our soldiers great. Enjoy and remember them with pride!