Watch What Happened When This Little Baby Got Behind That Wheel! Baby Has Mad Skills!

Driving simulation games are an awesome pastime. It doesn’t matter what your age or if you are male or female. And apparently, it doesn’t even matter if you are a baby! This baby here is amazing at it! He gets a little help from his dad, but he’s doing the steering by himself, and that is pretty amazing.

He starts up sitting on his father’s lap. Dad manages the gears and shifting, but this baby is steering the car on the screen all by himself. The game gives some commands, and I don’t know what the game is saying, but I wonder if this baby already understands left and right. He doesn’t even veer very far of the track.

I’m sort of jealous of this baby’s simulation driving talent, since I am pretty bad at it. But you go kid! Maybe it’s time to get him a driver’s license too? I’ve tried a similar game as an adult, and I always drive off the road at least a few times, and eventually end up having an accident that ends the game. But not this little boy!

This kid has some impressive driving skills and he and dad get to spend some quality time together, which is really nice. They can both do something they enjoy.

Watch this awesome kid work his impressive magic on a rally simulation game below! What did you think of this future Formula 1 driver? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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