Watch What Happens When Rescuers Show Up To Rescue A Dog That’s Been Chained Up For Years

There’s no denying that dogs are some of the most loyal creatures to ever exist. We know them as man’s best friend, and they never let us down with their willingness to be endlessly faithful. We don’t know what we did to deserve such wonderful companions, but we sure are glad to have them around!

For years, dogs have been trained to help us out in miraculous ways, whether they’re therapy dogs or members of the police force and army! Dogs can even assist those who are disabled. These furry friends provide amazing company, always lifting our spirits and helping us when we’re in need. Unfortunately, not all dogs get the compassion and love that they deserve. Regardless of whether or not they remain loyal to us, some folks just don’t stay loyal to their pets, viewing them as replaceable.

These people don’t take into account the fact that dogs can feel pain and sadness just like we can. Many dogs are abandoned by their own families, becoming homeless and starving and potentially even dying out on the street. Lola is an example of a pooch that was mistreated and betrayed by her family.

A pit bull, Lola was chained up for years with no shelter. Facing harsh weather and no affection from those who passed her by, Lola’s only stability was in the wall she was so used to being attached to. Despite the adversity, she always wagged her tail when people came along, remaining sweet as ever. She was finally rescued by AMA Animal Rescue, a non-profit in Brooklyn, New York. Young women go out and find loving, suitable homes for stray and shelter animals on behalf of AMA, and Lola has found her forever home thanks to these caring people.

It’s quite obvious how much healthier and happier Lola is now that she has a family who cares for her and gives her the love she needs to thrive. Be sure to share the love with your friends and pass along this video. Then, leave your thoughts on this clip in the comments!