Watch Harley’s Amazing Reaction When His Dad Finally Comes Home! You’ll Definitely Crack A Smile!

Videos of pups that have to go a long time without seeing their humans are incredibly heartwarming and/or moving. I have seen several that are just plain heartbreaking, when the dogs even cry or pass out from the excitement of seeing their long gone masters.

Meet Harley, he is a German Shepherd whose owner is a staff sergeant. Being part of the army means that dad is away for most of the year and Harley can only see him a few times through the year. In the following video, the beautiful reunion was captured, it was the first time Harley saw his owner since he was deployed. This pup’s excitement will infect you even through the screen of your browsing device of choice.

The best part of this is seeing all the family collaborating to surprise Harley, it is clear that the dog had no idea what was in store for him as he walked into the room. The soldier’s friends actually call attention to Harley in order to point him in the direction of his owner, and once he sees his “daddy”, he goes absolutely bonkers!

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