Watch This Heartrending Video Of This Rescued Dog Choosing His First Toy Ever! I Am In Tears!

Dogs deserve all the love that you can possibly give them. Dogs are truly devoted to their owners and love selflessly with all their being. Which is why, when I hear about innocent dogs being abused, I find it extremely heartbreaking. In short, I believe that dogs should be spoiled and treated with love and respect. They are truly four-legged angels. The following video shows a rescued dog finally getting the love he deserves!

Do you buy your dog toys? Probably you buy them tons of toys and treats since most dog owners like to reciprocate the love that dogs show them. This balance is what makes the chemistry between humans and dogs so special.

Meet Roo. He’s a one year old rescued Golden Retriever that’s never had the chance to have his own toy. He was starved, imprisoned, and neglected for much of his young years. When he was finally rescued, Roo was extremely happy to have a forever home. Watch as his new loving owner takes him to the pet store so that Roo can pick out a toy. It’s just adorable to watch Roo walking around the entire store in order to find a toy that he likes.

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