Watch this hilarious answer when mom asks her daughter for a rundown of her first day at preschool. LOL!

Kid’s reactions come totally unexpected and usually leave me grinning for a long time. I’ve seen quite a lot of those videos where children can be seen answering questions or reacting to life’s everyday surprises. The other day, I saw a compilation of kid’s reactions after being told that they would be having a baby brother or sister.

The parents would think of the most ingenious ways to tell their children. One example that I saw would be filling a big box with balloons. The children would be told that they needed to open the box to find out the gender of the baby if the balloons were pink, then it would be a girl. Blue or red balloons would mean that they would be having a boy.

The first one of these videos had a little boy and a girl in it. The parents got through the explanation with them and then tell them to open the box. The little girl opens the box and a bunch of pink balloons go flying out, she starts celebrating with joy that she will have a little girl to play with. The boy, on the other hand, doesn’t look so happy. He starts frowning and after a few seconds starts crying.

There was another video of some kids who are sitting in front of another box. Their parents have told them that inside the box is a teddy bear. Depending on the teddy bear’s color, would be the gender. The kids open the box and a blue teddy bear is lying there. The boy starts to laugh and celebrate while the poor little girl cannot believe what she sees. She checks the box to see if there’s another teddy bear and even asks her parents. When they say no, she starts sobbing and her brother tries to cheer her up.

Other videos I have seen feature children asking or answering questions. The other day I saw a video of this little kid who was asking her mother why she was in a bad mood. Her mother told her that it was because she had a lot of things to do on that day. The little girl surprised me and her mother when she told her that there were many reasons for her to be happy. For starters, she was alive and had hands and things to do, many people don’t have that.

Continuing with surprising children’s responses, I present to you the following video. A mom decides to ask her daughter to give her a summary of her first day of kindergarten. Her mom expects her daughter to say that everything was okay. What her daughter asks leaves her LOL.