Watch this hit Xmas medley by Cara ft. JSol

It seems that this time of year also gives me the chance of watching more videos. Do you ever browse through one video after another just waiting to see if you’ll discover the next big thing? I do, I think I do that almost every day. Although, I would have to say that I watch mostly Christmas videos during this time of year. I can watch some video tens of times if the videos are good enough.

I’ve been watching a lot of Christmas collaborations for songs and medleys. The very last one I saw was a collaboration of Leona Lewis with one of the singers from the group Fifth Harmony. I remember watching the X-Factor from the very first season. The contestants were okay and some of them were very good, but I became a Leona Lewis fan from the very first time I saw her compete during the third season.

She was very good and had a fantastic first audition. You could tell that the judges had really liked her and that she would probably get a recording contract even if she did not win the show. In the end, she won the competition and earned her first contract. She received several positive reviews from music critics and has done very well with her albums.

She ended up doing a Christmas collaboration with one of the Fifth Harmony girls that became an instant sensation. The way they sounded together was like magic. That video changed my mind on artist collaborations. I had always been a skeptic of them. I thought that everything wasn’t that real and that artists did not need to really work that hard for it to come out great.

YouTube has brought us many cool and important things. One of the ones that have surprised me the most, and in a very good way has been K-Pop and a lot of international artists that have followed, including artists from Thailand and Vietnam. I honestly did not even know they existed but discovered many very talented singers. A couple of them are Cara and JSOL.

They became famous as a result of YouTube’s popularity and the way they can reach millions with their music. If you hadn’t heard of them, don’t worry, you are not the only one. I am sure that once you listen to them singing this Christmas medley, you too will become an instant fan. You’ll probably start listening to their other videos which are very good by the way. Headphones anyone?