Watch This Hollywood Reporter Challenge Jerry Lewis, His Answer Will Blow Your Mind

Jerry Lewis needs no introduction. He was an amazing man and a jack of all trades: actor, comedian, singer, philanthropist, producer, director, writer, and humanitarian. BUT this video below featuring Jerry in his own words might just surprise you about what you don’t know about the man.

This video was produced by the series “Create Until You Die” — which sounds madly odd, doesn’t it, but there’s a lot of truth to it. Our most beloved celebrities never stopped working. They kept on entertaining us up till the very end because they loved what they did.

I love his answers: Has he ever thought about retiring? “Why.” How does he keep his material fresh? “By working at it.” How has Vegas changed since 1947? “It’s exactly the same.”

The best part comes at the 3:45 mark, when the reporter asks how he’s kept steady attendance at his Las Vegas performances: “You tell ‘em you’re playing there, and they show up,” Jerry says with a matter-of-fact grimace.

Now anyone who has seen just one Jerry Lewis flick knows this man is incredibly creative. He has a rare talent for making people smile and coming up with the goofiest, funniest things. Much like Robin Williams, Jerry Lewis was one in a million. A rarity.

In the video below, Jerry reflects on his career and his life. Just keep in mind: As a celebrity, Jerry was known for his “cranky” perfectionist disposition, but that’s just Jerry and that’s why he was so beloved by his fans. He often told it as it is.

Jerry was one smart cookie, that’s for sure. When I came across this video of Jerry Lewis being interviewed, I was blown away by his candor and tongue-in-cheek humor. Get to know Jerry better: