Watch how 10-year-olds step on stage and win everyone’s heart with an epic ‘Footloose’ dance!

If you were to take part in an audition for “America’s Got Talent,” how long do you think you would need to get ready for it? This would be regardless of whether you would be singing or dancing at the audition, because whatever you did, you would have to have a natural talent for it, right? In my case, I really don’t know. I try to think of myself as a confident person, but who knows how I would react if I had to audition in front of all those people.

If I had to give a number, I would probably say that at least a couple of months, or maybe even 6 months. I used to get stage fright when I was a child but being in front of thousands could probably bring back one of those episodes. Now, if I were to be dancing there, I guess it would be at least a year because I am not a very good dancer.

I am really surprised at how many people, especially young ones, can be so good at dancing. It took me many lessons and many years to be able to dance “decently” at a social event. So, when I see children who should be in kindergarten dancing salsa like seasoned dancers, I always wonder what it is about dancing that has always been so difficult for me.

Well, two children are about to do just that for me. Artyon and Paige are only ten years old, and they are ready to perform on the biggest stage in America. They have been practicing for a few months and are ready to give it everything they have. In this audition, they are going to be performing the popular song, ‘Footloose’ by Kenny Loggins. When you see them dance I think you too will be at a loss for words.

The performance starts with Paige standing on the table, right where the judges are seated. She’s wearing a cute pink dress that swirls around when she moves to the music. It is clear that she has immense talent and energy, and she is just getting started. She is then joined by her friend, Artyon, on stage. The pair goes ahead and dances in a way that makes you think they had been dancing together for many years.

They are clearly enjoying their performance as they can be seen with huge smiles on their faces. They even add a little spice to their dance routine by doing a combination of impressive dance moves, along with backflips, and an impressive number of turns. This is something that is usually only done by professional dancers! Finally, Artyon lifts Paige into the air, and they both end the routine by doing the splits!

I am almost out of breath just by watching them. Check out their impressive performance in the following video and get ready to dance like there’s no tomorrow!