Watch this Impressive musical choreography! Human and Dog completely in Sync!

Musical freestyle competition is a type of event in international dog shows, it is a that allows the handler to show off the combination of obedience training, flashy tricks and dance moves strength of their canine-human bond! This event was part of the Moscow Dog show, several human-dog teams practiced and gave it their all to impress the judges!

In the featured clip you will see this adorable and hardworking combination performing and awe inducing mesmerizing routine. It took long months of preparation and training in order to be able to participate in this competition. It consists in both the dog and owner dancing to a piece of music!

The dog must accomplish a series of choreographed and complicated tricks, all to the beat and concept of the music playing. All this coordinated with his handler’s moves to the music as well.

The piece they decided to participate with is very catchy, and the adorable dog’s reaction and union with his handler makes the crowd at the event go wild! The precision and control with which they complete the routine is jaw dropping!

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