Watch As This Incredibly Smart Service Dog Protects His Mom’s Head During A Seizure

It’s truly incredible what dogs will do in order to protect their families. They’ll go to great lengths to make sure the people they care about are safe, even if they aren’t trained to do so. Whether they’re saving small children from danger or sensing a medical emergency approaching, they’re always on guard and doing their best to keep everyone from harm. It’s amazing how intelligent and instinctive these animals are, and often times people wonder what we’d do without them.

For some, their situation could be dire if they were lacking a clever animal companion. Service dogs are wonderful creatures that are trained in helping people come down from panic attacks, make their way through town, and even stay safe during a seizure. The woman and the service pooch featured in the video down below are a prime example of a duo that shows each other unconditional compassion and support.

When the woman is having a seizure, her pup, Colt, is sure to crawl underneath her head to ensure that she doesn’t hurt herself by hitting the floor. She has a traumatic brain injury, so it would be extremely dangerous for her to hit her head. Even when the floor has no grip, Colt never stops trying, always getting right under her and keeping her safe. Isn’t that amazing?

Colt’s mom was able to train him all by herself thanks to years of prior experience handling military dogs. Between her guidance and Colt’s natural instincts, the two clearly make a great team! Look how determined he is to take care of her in this re-enactment!

Colt is also able to alert his mom of an oncoming seizure ahead of time so she can take medication. It’s unbelievable what dogs can sense! Leave us a comment down below letting us know what you thought of this story. Then, share the clip with your family and friends!