Watch as this intelligent and huge one year old dog shows off his impressive new trick

Dogs are a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Not only can they sense when we’re upset, ill, or in danger, but they can be trained to keep us safe and support us when we’re in need. As puppies, we start off small with a few tricks here and there as they get older and grow used to receiving commands. Sometimes, though, even the youngest dogs can surprise us with their ability to pick up on new things with ease!

Meet Samson! The giant Newfoundland is only one year old, but he’s learning new tricks pretty quickly! If you ever doubted young dogs’ ability to learn a wide variety of commands, think again. You’re about to be proven completely wrong thanks to this pooch’s incredible knowledge. Not only is he a giant cuddle monster, but he’s got a lot of brains to match his brawn! This stud is sure to impress you.

He starts off with more basic tricks but gradually gets into the more challenging ones over time. Be sure to watch the entire clip so that you make it to Samson’s grand finale. He’s one heck of a performer, that’s for sure! I could play with this pooch all day!

Have you ever met a young pup that was able to achieve so much so quickly? Samson is such an adorable and unique dog. His family must feel so fortunate to have him around. He’ll be the man of the house soon with his ability to tackle new things so easily!

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