Watch John Legend Sing At This Beautiful Wedding! You Won’t Believe The How The Bride And Groom React!

Many celebrities support different causes and they all add their own spin to it! However you won’t believe how far John legend is willing to go for what he believes in! You have to prepare yourself for the unbearable cuteness of the only canine wedding were John Legend has sung, confused? Keep Reading.

Witness the beautiful union of Puddy and Pippa, the bulldogs, you’ll fall right in love and wish them the best! And added to all of this is John legend singing his beautiful hit song “All of Me” as well as participating in all of the activities for the couple, he takes pictures with them, cuts the cake, throws the bouquet etc. The most hilarious part of the clip is at the end, when John Legend’s wife walks in on the whole shebang, you won’t believe her reaction!

The best thing about this whole adorable video is that, going back to the beginning, it is all for a good cause! You can enter to win your own John Legend show by paying $10 and each entry supports the Show Me Campaign in joint efforts with Omaze. The Latter raises funds and runs awareness campaigns for charities that allow everyone to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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