Watch Josh Groban‘s “Happy Xmas” (War Is Over) [Official Music Video]

Music is truly powerful, and it becomes even more where it is performed by a gifted musician or singer. Such is the case of opera and pop singer Josh Groban. Josh’s beginnings were as humble as they were amazing. He was just a regular kid that started taking vocalization classes after school. His parents had instilled in him the value of hard work and he was willing to do whatever it took to follow his dream.

He went on to attend an art school in Michigan where he also took musical theater classes. He majored in dramatic art from Carnegie Mellon University, and one year later, he got his singing contract from Warner Brothers Records. He got his very first break at about 17 years old. He was called in to help none other than Celine Dion, singing what would be Andrea Bocelli’s part. This was a very tall order and Celine Dion was very worried that it would be disastrous for young Josh.

Josh’s performance at the rehearsal went very well and Celine Dion took notice. Josh started to become an Internet sensation because of a habit he had at his concerts. About midway through, he would invite people from the audience to sing one of his songs with him. The videos would be shot not by his production team, but by people sitting in attendance.

These videos started to become more and more famous when many of the people he would choose, were actually very good. They would end up surprising Josh as well. One of the most memorable audience members was a young guy also called Josh. He was only 21 years old and told Josh Groban that he had just won a local singing contest. Another strange coincidence was that he also shared the same birthday as the famous singer.

The amateur singer gets invited to sing with Josh Groban then and there in Madison Square Garden. They agreed to sing the song “The Prayer,” and as always, Josh Groban started the song. When it was the turn for the younger Josh to sing, he amazed everyone in attendance as he possessed a great tenor voice himself. Even Josh Groban seemed to be surprised.

There have been several songs that Josh Groban has made famous, but I recently saw a video of an original song called “Happy Christmas (The war is over) that stole my heart. Josh is famous for having written very beautiful songs, but this song was written by none other than John Lennon. For this song, he also has a kid’s choir that gives the song a very nice touch. So, sit down and get ready for one of the most beautiful Christmas covers of this season!