Watch Kevin Hart face his phobia of Roller Coasters thanks to Jimmy Fallon. LOL!

How do you feel about roller coasters? For me, it’s a love-hate relationship. I don’t like to get on the roller coaster, that process of waiting in line builds up the anxiety in me. Then, hearing all those people screaming doesn’t help either. But once I’m on the ride itself, I always have a blast. I like to go all the way in front, so I can get the video afterward and show it to my friends back home.

I have both friends who absolutely love them or those who can’t get near them. There are the ones who have gotten on slightly intoxicated (bad idea, don’t do it), those who have been tricked into getting on it, and those who don’t want to get off the ride. The more people you go with, the more fun you’ll have.

I remember this one time that I had gone with my friends to get on the Superman roller coaster. We had the idea of one of us going blindfolded (the one who was afraid of them), and another of us would not grab onto the bars. The ride started, and the blindfolded guy might as well have gone without it because he was screaming his lungs out. He was yelling several feet above the ground to the person in charge of the ride to stop it.

When the ride came to an almost stand-still, the guy with the blindfold thought the ride was over and was telling us how glad he felt he was getting off. Then, the ride started to gradually accelerate and that’s when we told him that it was a 2-lap ride. This made his eyes almost bulge out in horror. Unfortunately for him, he had taken his blindfold off and he didn’t know where he had put it. It was too late for him now!

I’ve also watched quite a lot of roller coaster videos on the Internet. I’ve seen from people passing out, to throwing up, and then passing out; waking up, then passing out again. I’ve seen grown men get on the ride with their children, then the same men passing out or crying while their son or daughter is shown having a blast.

I also like to watch videos of celebrities getting on roller coasters and watch their reactions. Some people you felt would act up bold, end up being the biggest cry-babies out there. The next video features Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon. Kevin Hart is absolutely terrified of roller coasters. Jimmy Fallon convinces him to get on one. They record everything from the moment they get to the park. What you’re about to see is absolutely hilarious!